No power source, cylinder, nor complicated installation work!! Suitable Fire Protection for lithium ion battery packs and disribution panels!!

  • No cylinder is required to fill fire-extinguishing agent.
  • No power source is required to activate the fire-extinguishing device.
  • The tube is flexible, so the shape of an installation area constitutes no obstacle.Installation is easy within a housing or in a place difficult to access.
  • Permeation of N2 gas or fire-extinguishing agent is not concerned, thanks to the gas barrier layer
  • Maintenance-free has been accomplished by connecting tubes using electro-fusion (EF) joints in melt-to-integration process.
  • Activation temperature of the tubes: 107 to 115°C (without a flame)
  • The ERASETUBE discharges FK-5-1-12 human and eco friendly fire-extinguishing agent.
  • The device does not damage electronic equipment,due to superior electrical insulation properties of FK-5-1-12.

Specification of FK-5-1-12 human- and eco-friendly fire-extinguishing agent.

Zero ozone depletion potential, very low global warming potential, and short atmospheric life the 3MTM FK-5-1-12 fire-extinguishing agent, as halogenide fire-extinguishing agent, exercises superior fire-extinguishing capability to provide enhanced cooling effect and control of combustion chain reaction.
Furthermore, the actual use concentration is significantly lower than the no observed adverse effect level(NOAEL) to offer human-friendly fire-extinguishing agent.

Electrically non-conductive properties

The clean agent has superior Electrically non-conductiven properties,thereby giving no damage to electronic equipment (withstand voltage of 2.3 comparing to 1.0 of N2 at 1 atm).Far left photo is the experiment to demonstrate no damage to electric devices by soaking them in the liquid FK-5-1-12

Increase in vapor pressure due to change in temperature

The extinguishing agent expands with the vapor pressure in case of abnormal heat generation and released by utilizing the pressure of its own* without requiring no expellant gas.
Therefor it securely operates even at power outage at the disaster.

Notes on installation

Minimum bend radius

The minimum bend radius is 200 mm. Never twist, bend, or crush tube.

Installation method

There are two installation methods:magnet method and adhesive tape method. Please chose in one of two methods properly according to the material on the installation side. For the adhesive tape method, the tape must be installed to a setting side 10 hours before a fire extinguishing device installation. For the magnet method, a fire extinguishing device can be installed soon after attaching the magnet to a setting side.

Installation example

* Contact us if the protective area is in such a shape that the device should be installed vertically downward.

Activation alarm with a thermal wire sensor,
activation alarm signal can be applied.  

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