Sensor tube in diameters of 6mm outside and 4mm inside so it completely fits with conventional tube detection fire extinguishing systems.

Two issues experienced with the conventional thermo-plastic tube have been solved to accomplish the following: (1) detection temperature of 100°C℃ or lower, and (2) barrier properties prohibiting the permeation and reduction in volume of extinguishing agent or N2 gas as pressurization propellant agent. This accomplishment enables earlier, safe detection of fire broken near a lithium-ion secondary battery or liquid fuel having the property of high heat generation, electrical fire of a distribution panel, etc. Use the sensor tube in combination with a fire extinguishing system of a detection tube type.

Technical data

Early detection and extinction of fire are mandatory for materials involving high heat generation, such as liquid fuel and electrolytes of lithium-ion secondary batteries. The activation temperature of the sensor tube is at 92°C approx. (when pressurized to 1.8 MPa without flame) instead at 180°C approx. (when pressurized to 1.8 MPa without flame) of conventional polyamide tube or fluorine-type tube, and thus fire is detected earlier with our sensor tube.

Precautions on installation

The minimum bend radius is 100mm.
Never twist, bend, or crush the sensor tube.

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