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Life-saving protection for vehicles and enclosed spaces with FOGMAKER five suppression systems.

Rapid fire suppression with the high-pressure water mist suppression systems!

Water mist quickly suppress fires in the engine room, battery fires, fuel fires, and all types of fires. The suppressant is water, so it is harmless to people, equipment and the environment. It is extremely easy to clean up after a fire. It is a fire suppression system with excellent durability and reliability.

Outstanding cooling effect, oxygen reduction and prevention of re-ignition

A 50-micron water mist evaporates in contact with the heat of the fire, generating 1,700 liters of water vapor from 1 liter of water. Breaks the chain of fire by rapid cooling and oxygen cutoff, and suppress the fire instantly whilst displacing air when it vaporizes so that the oxygen volume reduces in the protected area. The suppressant is water with antifreeze additive (optional) and a film-forming chemical which covers the fuel of the fire and prevents re-ignition.

Patent structure Piston accumulator type agent cylinder

It is resistant to vibration and can be installed in any angle or direction, so it can be used in narrow spaces and releases fire suppressant to the last drop.

No electric wires required for the operation

A detection tube detects fire without using an electric detector. It operates mechanically from fire detection to agent discharge, so no external power supply or backup power supply is required.

The fire suppressant is very friendly to people and the environment

Water or FK-5-1-12 is the base of the suppressant, so it has high safety to the human body and excellent environmental characteristics.

Secondary damage prevention and high electrical insulation

Water mist prevents water damage because the amount of water required for suppression is small. FK-5-1-12 is electrically insulating and does not affect electronic equipment.

Easy to install and compact

The special resin detection tube that detects fire can be easily bent and can be installed in any shape.The detection tube can be installed inside an enclosure or in hard-to-reach places even in explosion-proof equipment required areas.
Since no electrical operation is required to operate the fire suppression system, it can be installed in explosion-proof equipment required areas without special construction work.

Minimal maintenance

After installation, the fire suppression performance can be maintained simply by periodically checking the pressure and installation status of the fire suppression system.

Plenty of options

It is also possible to operate the fire suppression system manually or electronically. It can be connected to the interlock or alarm system at the same time as the agent is released.

Low price and high performance

Since large-scale installation work and electrical work are not required, it can be installed at low cost.

Excellent durability

The container is made of anodized aluminum, which provides excellent corrosion resistance even in harsh installation environments.

Typical installation example

Water mist fire suppression systems contribute to safety in a variety of situations, such as engine room fires, electric fires, and fuel fires.

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